NEW STORY and 5 Amazing Manufacturers of 3D Printed Houses & Buildings

Construction to Kick Off on World's First 3D-Printed Neighborhood

New Story, a Y Combinator-backed charity that works to build houses for people in developing nations, and Icon, a robotics construction company in Austin, Texas, unveiled what is believed to be the first 3D-printed house that is fully up to code and permitted for people to inhabit.

A noble plan to improve housing access for those in need through cutting-edge construction technology is gathering momentum, with a blueprint now in place for what is billed as the world's first 3D-printed community.

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● 1.  ICON: Construction technologies company dedicated to revolutionizing homebuilding

ICON unveiled its “Vulcan II” 3D printer for homes on March 11, 2019 and announced it will begin shipping the award-winning technology next month to a small group of early customers as well as actively accepting orders for 2020.

Vulcan II is ready begin its very important work of delivering affordable, resilient, dignified housing around the world. Vulcan II can be operated by anyone with basic training thanks to the improvements in automation, mechatronics and a suite of specialized software. 

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● 2. WASP Team: (Big Delta) The House 3D Printer

"World's Largest" Delta 3D Printer Could Build Entire Houses Out of Mud or Clay. WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project) is set to unveil Big Delta, reportedly the world's largest delta 3D printer, later this week.

This 12-meter (40 ft) tall behemoth was brought to life with the purpose of building nearly zero-cost housing through the use of local materials and as little

energy as possible, offering quick and inexpensive relief to disaster areas and addressing the future housing needs of a rapidly growing world population.

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● 3. Apis Cor: Portable 3D Printer Builds a Tiny House in 24 hours 

A 3D-printing company managed to build a star-shaped house on-site in just one day.

Robotic construction company Apis Cor has used its technology to build the world's largest 3D-printed building, a two-storey administrative office in Dubai.

Measuring 9.5 metres high with . a floor area of 640 square metres, Apis Cor built the record-breaking structure for the Dubai Municipality.

Apis Cor developed a gypsum-based material to run through the printer and sourced a local producer.

The printing took place out in the open, to prove that the technology could handle a harsh environment without humidity and temperature control.

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● 4. Kamp C: 3D-Printer to Build Two-Story House

The 980 square feet structure that consists of several sustainable features such as solar panels and underfloor heating, is not meant for residential purposes.

In Europe, firms and scientific institutions came together to build an entire two-storey house using 3D printing technology. The project was titled C3PO after a popular Star Wars character by that name.           

The incredible feat was achieved in Belgium, using Europe’s largest 3D printer. While 3D-printed houses are not new, what sets this one apart is that it has two floors, reported 

  Emiel Ascione, Project Manager, Kamp C (the company that spearheaded the project), said: “A gantry printer delivered by COBOD was used to make the house. The Denmark-based company’s prototype BOD2 printer was used."

● 5. Genesis Dimensions: Large Scale 3D Printing Evolution (Automating Construction)

Genesis Dimensions is a research & development company creating a complete building solution that employs software-enabled large-scale 3D printing Structures by Integrating Material Science & Robotics

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