Nimbus Engineering: Light-based Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging using Light - Attracted $1.2 Million in Investment

Nimbus is developing advanced optical technology for ultra efficient energy logistics.

Nimbus Engineering-Light-based Wireless Charging

A method of converting light that is directed at the battery into electricity and storing it in the battery, so that the battery can be safely charged at the speed of light in just a few seconds.

There is no atom movement or chemical reaction, so the charging speed, duty cycle, and charging distance are dramatically improved and safety secured compared to wired and electromagnetic induction methods.

Nimbus Engineering-Light-based Wireless Charging

Nimbus Engineering

Using light to charge chemical batteries is a technology that has existed for many years. Light shines onto a photovoltaic cell, or solar cell, which converts the light into electricity that is then used to charge the battery.

Nimbus’ proprietary technology is called The Photon Battery. Light shines directly onto the battery  which is then stored as energy for later use. The simplicity of its system - and lack of an external photovoltaic receiver - gives the battery the ability to charge in seconds while remaining 100% safe.

General Information

  • Headquarters : San Jose, California
  • Founders : Alex Diggins, Matt Jerrild, Raisul Islam, William Diggins
  • Categories : Energy, Hardware
  • Founded : 2017


  • • Funding Rounds (2) - $1.3M
  • • Oct 1, 2019 Seed Round / $1M
  • • Mar 24, 2017 Seed Round / $175K

Nimbus Engineering-Light-based Wireless Charging

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