Design Innovation of Future Tires by Hankook Tire that Has AMAZING FEATURES

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1. 2014 Design Innovation "Boostrac" "Alpike" "Hyblade"

As a solution for new challenges arising from global warming, Hankook Tire has come up with new futuristic concept tires in collaboration with the world’s famous automotive design school - Pforzheim University in Germany.

Hankook Tire Design Innovation 2014 presents a new vision for future driving with the innovative tire evolution.


2. 2016 Design Innovation 

The future is a connected world – watch now to get a glimpse of our connected future with the winners of the 2016 Hankook Design Innovation Awards.


3. 2018 Design Innovation

Inspiration to innovation. Hankook Tire is bringing the next generation of tire products to life with the talented students of London’s Royal College of Art. Explore this year’s Design Innovation campaign through our video now. 


4. 2020 Design Innovation

In 2040, advanced technologies such as Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainable Mobility will solve current city problems and cities will become more efficient and cleaner than before.

 Life, space, and mobility will be integrated entirely and be connected closely with the grid. As better infrastructure is built, mobility becomes one of the most valuable elements of human lives, because mobility is no longer just a car but a living space in which people can spend much of their time. 


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