5 Amazing Future of Bionic Legs | The Emerging Cyborg

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Bionic limbs typically work by detecting signals from the user's muscles. For example, when a person puts on their bionic limb and flexes the muscles above or below the limb, sensors will react to elicit the appropriate movement. Bionic limbs are often equipped with sensors to detect these muscle movements.

When you lose the use of a limb, even the simplest of daily tasks can turn into a challenge. High-tech devices can help restore independence. New technologies are even making it possible to connect the mind to an artificial limb. These artificial limbs are called bionic prosthetic devices.

00:00 ● Intro - The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar Man

00:54 ● 1. Lauren Wasser  | Golden Legs

T.S.S. Survivor, Amputee, Activist, Model, Actress, The model and activist, Lauren Wasser, opened up about how both of her legs were amputated and had been replaced by gold-colored prosthetics. It was five years ago when Wasser lost her right leg after being diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome. That significant event also almost cost her life.

Lauren Wasser  | Golden Legs

On October 3, 2012,  when she was 24 years old, Wasser suffered from toxic shock syndrome. At the time, Wasser was on her period. She changed her tampon, went back upstairs, and laid in her bed. As she was texting her girlfriends on her friend's birthday, she started to wonder whether she was going to hang out with them because of how much physical pain she was in. Eventually, she started to have symptoms similar to those related to the flu. 

02:43 ● 2. Red Dot Award : Design Concept 2020 - Robotic Prosthetic Knee by BionicM Inc. is the winner for the Red Dot: Luminary 2020.

Luminary is the highest level of recognition accorded at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept. It is selected among the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners. The Red Dot: Luminary serves as an inspiration to aspire towards. Akin to obtaining a quality seal for design that sets apart from the rest in the field, being awarded a Red Dot meant the works had excelled against a very high benchmark of design excellence. A leading light to follow, this groundbreaking concept is selected among the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners.

Design Concept 2020 - Robotic Prosthetic Knee by BionicM Inc.

👉•  Cybathlon 2020 Powered Prosthesis Leg Race

BionicM got 4th place in the Powered prosthesis leg race of Cybathlon 2020.  You can see our pilot could easily ascend stairs and walk in the wood box.

05:58 ● 3. ETH Zürich

Two volunteers are the first above-knee amputees in the world to feel their prosthetic foot and knee in real time. Their bionic prosthesis, which was developed by an international team of researchers, features sensors that connect to residual nerves in the thigh. The resulting neuro-feedback greatly reduces physical and mental strain for users of the prosthesis, as well as their phantom limb pain, while increasing their confidence and speed when walking.

ETH Zürich- bionic legs

07:47 ● 4. The Future of Prosthetics - An AI, Open-Source Bionic Leg

Details on the design and clinical tests of an open-source bionic leg are now freely available online, so that researchers can hopefully create and test safe and useful new prosthetics.

Bionic knees, ankles and legs under development worldwide to help patients walk are equipped with electric motors. Getting the most from such powered prosthetics requires safe and reliable control systems that can account for many different types of motion: for example, shifting from striding on level ground to walking up or down ramps or stairs.

Open-Source Bionic Leg

10:08 ● 5. Utah Bionic Leg Controller

University of Utah mechanical engineering assistant professor Tommaso Lenzi and his team at the Bionic Engineering Lab have developed a new adaptive controller for their Utah Bionic Leg that enables an amputee to control the powered prosthesis. With this new controller, individuals with an above-knee amputation can walk at their preferred speed and cross obstacles of different sizes instead of having to go around them.

The Utah Bionic Leg is a computerized and motorized prosthetic for leg amputees that is powered and can help users walk with ease. 

Utah Bionic Leg Controller

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