5 Awesome FLOATING HOMES Worth Watching

Floating houses are similar in concept and can be defined those houses which are constructed on water in a way that the load of the structure is equal or less than the uplift force of the water which helps in floating the house on water.

Houses that float can move from one slip to the other. They can be upgraded and expanded, typically up and not out since their footprint is limited by the size of the float. They can cost more than $1 million new or as little as $35,000, if they don't come tethered to a slip.

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● 1. ARKUP world’s first solar-powered livable yacht EVER

Meet the next generation floating house.

Equipped with electric propulsion and four hydraulic spuds, ARKUP future-proof houseboat can lift itself out of the water and is completely stable at anchor. ARKUP 4,350 sqft mobile floating mansion is fully solar powered and harvest rainwater in order to provide the ultimate off-the-grid water-based living experience.”

Discover the luxury interior, design, and furnishing by Artefacto of  the livable yacht. Visit https://arkup.com | Arkup, next generation floating house, rethinks life on water with its fully solar-electric, mobile and self-elevating livable yachts.

● 2. Anthenea - Solar-Powered Floating Pod

Inspired by James Bond classic The Spy Who Loved Me, French architect Jean Michel Ducancelle has created a fully-independent floating eco

pod called Anthenea.

The deep-sea palace ‘Atlantis’ in the 1977 Bond movie intrigued and inspired the architect to build this mesmerizing floating apartment-like edifice.  This 50-meter square stunning floating habitat comprises various living spaces. There is a living room with a curved sofa and furniture and fiberglass windows providing amazing views of sea life. The cozy bedroom with a round bed, a wardrobe and shelves give you a homely feeling.

For more details, visit - https://www.anthenea.fr/en/anthenea/ 

● 3. The Floating Seahorses - Dubai is Building Breathtaking Underwater Villas

Dubai is building these new floating villas with underwater master bedrooms.

Created by the Kleindienst Group, the three-level luxury boathouses, called the Floating Seahorses, are the city’s latest lavish and futuristic developments.

  • The World's FIRST LUXURY UNDERWATER LIVING experience is a accomplishment of innovative achieved by a marriage of engineering and imagination .
  • NEW EXPERIENCES , from the ocean that spreads out before you on the upper floors, to the underwater level that presents the coral reef full with beauty and life. 

For more at - http://thefloatingseahorse.com/exclusive-investment-opportunity-in-dubai

● 4. Jet Capsule Unveils Unidentified Floating Object Concept

Italian water transportation company jet capsule unveils their latest seafaring concept, the ‘UFO’.

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● 5. Waterlovt

If You're After Off-Grid Luxury, This Waterlovt Houseboat May Float Your Boat. The Waterlovt is described as "taking the concept of a houseboat to a whole new level".

For more at - http://waterlovt.com/

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