5 Amazing Flying Taxis (eVTOL)

Where would you like to fly?  

Until we realized the question was the answer.

Because it was never really about where you want to fly? But WHY?

We all want to get home to our loved ones without getting stuck in rush-hour traffic. We want to spend more time in nature without it costing the earth. We want better and faster connections.

The answer was up there in the sky, and so was the freedom to ask for more. A better and more sustainable way to get from where we are, to where we want to be.

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▶ Why Would You Like To Fly?

 - eVTOL: Electric-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing

● 1. Vertical Aerospace

Vertical Aerospace believes passionately in the power of electric flight to change the way the world travels because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the planet you live on to get from A to B.

Founded by greentech entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick in 2016, Vertical Aerospace has been disrupting the way aircraft are developed. Combining the rigour and discipline of aerospace with the pace and agility of F1 enables Vertical to develop cutting-edge electric aircraft.

πŸ‘‰• Web https://www.vertical-aerospace.com

● 2. BlackFly 

After 9 years, 1400+ flights, and 12000+ miles (as of July 2018), the OPENER team is proud to introduce BlackFly: a flying vehicle that is safe, affordable, and requires no special permits to operate in the USA. BlackFly is the world’s first USA-qualified ultralight all-electric fixed-wing personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Are you ready to rethink transportation?

πŸ‘‰• Web:  https://www.opener.aero/

● 3. Lilium Jet

Imagine some time in the not-so-distant future. After making your way to the nearest community landing strip, you’ll pull out your phone, and, with

a single tap, hail the closest air taxi to take you to your chosen destination.

Taking off and landing like a helicopter, the Lilium aircraft goes from VTOL to forward flight by swiveling its engines.

Can't face the drive to the airport? Why not bypass the whole circus and jump in your two-seat, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) all-electric engine jet aircraft? That's the vision for the Lilium Jet, an aircraft currently being developed in Germany under the auspices of the European Space Agency's business incubation center that boasts fly-by-wire joystick controls, retractable landing gear, gull-wing doors

πŸ‘‰• Web:  https://lilium.com/

πŸ‘‰• Web:  http://lilium-aviation.com/

● 4. Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk’s New Flying Car Promises a (Near) Silent Flight.

Flyer is 100% electric and the first step to make flying a part of everyday life.  Larry Page's aviation outfit, helmed by Sebastian Thrun, built the Heaviside with eight motors and a big wing to help generate lift.

With Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, the Google co-founder looks to the skies.

πŸ‘‰• Web:  https://flyer.aero/

πŸ‘‰• Web:   https://wisk.aero/

Project Heaviside is Kitty Hawk’s latest high-performance electric VTOL vehicle. It is designed to be fast, small and exceedingly quiet. Video shows November 2019 flight test footage from Northern California test site.

5. Volocopter

 Volocopter is the global leader in the development of electrical vertical take-off and landing multicopters (eVTOL) as air taxis to fly people safely to their destination. The technical platform is extremely flexible and permits piloted, remote controlled, and fully autonomous flight. The unique design offers unprecedented degrees of safety based on a high level of redundancy in all critical components. In 2011 the company earned its entry into the history of aviation through the manned flight of the world’s first purely electrical multicopter. Since then, the enterprise has set new milestones: in 2016 Volocopter obtained provisional licensing for a two-seater Volocopter from German aviation authorities, and in 2017 the start-up showcased the first ever autonomous flight of an urban air taxi in cooperation with RTA Dubai. The founders Stephan Wolf and Alexander Zosel have gathered a team of experienced managers like CEO Florian Reuter, CTO Jan-Hendrik Boelens, and CFO Rene Griemens.

▸Autonomous flight – Made in Germany!

"At Volocopter we have been setting the standard for #UrbanAirMobility since 2011 - with over 1,000 test flights. In the project voloCHRIS, we have been working together to foster #acceptance of #AutonomousAirTaxis by various stakeholders. "

πŸ‘‰• Web:   https://volocopter.com/en/

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