Resonance Companies, Inc. - Clothing On-Demand

On-demand apparel production ecosystem – Attracted $22.5 million in investment

Resonance builds creation-driven fashion brands that are valuable and sustainable using proprietary SaaS platform, create.ONE.


Building a clothing ecosystem that changes the design-production-sales workflow to design-sale-production to protect the environment by reducing clothing that is not sold and goes to landfill.


Pursuit of zero inventory by manufacturing high-end design products based on order, centering on create.ONE, a cloud-based clothing design, sales, and production solution.

Resonance Companies, Inc.

Resonance Companies, Inc. is a collection of companies (some existing, many more to be formed) that are maniacally focused on the singular mission to build creation-driven fashion brands that are valuable and sustainable using our SaaS platform, create.ONE.

These companies are grouped into three business areas: Resonance create.ONE, our technology platform business; Resonance Brands Group, our portfolio of partner brands and partnerships; and Resonance MAKE, our manufacturing business for create.ONE customers.


General Information

  • Headquarters : New York, NY
  • Founders : Christian Gheorghe, Lawrence Lenihan
  • Categories : E-Commerce, Fashion, SaaS, Supply Chain Management
  • Founded : 2015
  • Contact :


  • Funding Rounds (3) - $45.5M
  • Oct 27, 2020 Venture Round / $22.5M
  • Sep 17, 2018 Venture Round / $8M
  • Jul 1, 2015 Seed Round / $15M



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